DSC_5048 - Version 2

My name, Renée, means “reborn”—and the past few years really have felt like an entirely new life.

Choose to Bloom was inspired by my orchid, Mr. Orchid, and the metaphors for living, healing and freedom that I saw through his seasons + cycles.

It got way out of hand in the most amazing way and choose to bloom (and sprout, and stem…) has become an entire world view for me.

Journaling is my passion; my Moleskine is my greatest transformational tool and the generator of all my content.

Choose to Bloom contains articles, poems and snapshots from my own journals along this path.

What drives me? I’m not the type to commit to any old thing, it has to be beyond special to keep me around—and the rewarding and breezy winds of freedom are just that.


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