4 Badass Bookshelf Selections

Every time I walk by this shelf I think “Damn, everyone should read that book”. Here’s to sharing what makes an impact on you.

Sidestory: The little painting was inspired by a question I had in a dream—”Am I all I reflect, or do I reflect all I am?”. It’s been a trip, as the question has always been a mind-twister for me. Long story short, my current answer is: both

Without Further Ado…

Here are the first 5, from left to right…I’ve included Amazon links to each—but the thrill of purchase is tenfold at your local bookstore…

1. Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle Laporte
Hooked. I am a true fan of Danielle Laporte. The book is subtitled A Soulful and Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms”. She’s funny and absolutely kick ass. You can’t see, but I’ve placed a marker on 80% of pages. Its just that good.

My perspective on what success means to me, how I want to feel and what I want to create this life—and how to get there is permanently shifted. It doesn’t live on this shelf, as I am always cracking it open for inspiration/motivation/fierce truths.

2. Book of Secrets, Deepak Chopra
The first book of this flavor that I read. I found it accidentally in the wrong section of a used bookstore, and liked the title (and the butterfly on the cover). It blew my mind wide open—and literally laid the groundwork for understanding that the universe is not outside of myself and that I create my own reality.

That last sentence sounds intense—but that’s the thing— Deepak is a master of conveying concepts in a way that falls directly on my happy ears. I had never heard anything he was saying, but I felt the truth in it and that fueled me forward.

3. Wild Creative, Tami Lynn Kent
An amazingly motivating book on forming and maintaining a creative practice (thanks, Wayah!) She walks you through creative blocks and tuning into the various parts of the creative cycle (its certainly not all production). Sticking with creative endeavors, or “finding time” were obstacles relevant to me that she addressed.

Wild Creative has ultimately sparked in me an understanding of the value in the creative process—and a greater commitment to an ideal of crafting—no matter what.

4.The Dhammapada, Glenn Wallis Translation
Verses on the Way, a book of core Buddhist teachings. Beautiful, powerful poetry on …everything. An excerpt speaks more than my description ever could:

“Better than a thousand statements
composed of meaningless words
is as single meaningful word which,
having been heard, brings peace”



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