No Flexibility? No Problem.

We may face some resistance when reframing our culture’s typical, achieving mindset to accommodate yoga—but this is one thing that separates it from so many other activities.

The “goal” of yoga, really, is found in the practice itself. 

That being said, I sometimes hear people comment that they are not flexible enough to practice.

Flexibility is not a requirement of yoga; it is, however, a byproduct.

Alignment > Flexibility

Some of us might never find ourselves fully expressing a posture—ever—simply because of small details such as: our bone structure.

Good thing there’s something more valuable for us to strive for: Alignment.

My teacher Esther regularly reminds me that alignment trumps depth—that correct positioning comes before how deep we go, and that, in fact—we are experiencing the greatest positive effect from this approach.

Rather than judge and compare, give accepting and centering in how your body is, now a try.

More Tension = More Room for Openness

When first exploring classes, especially Yin, I began to choose my daily dose by identifying where in my body I felt the most closed, constricted or tense.

It sounds obvious now, but it wasn’t at the start—I had become so use to having tight hips and burdened shoulders that I didn’t have a reference point for either.

Maybe you’ve become used to something, too.

This, again, is the beauty of having 1000’s of different classes at your disposal. You can test drive and experiment to discover which areas of your body need your help.

There is huge opportunity in tension and tightness: greater space for experiencing openness. We have the most room to gain space where we currently have the most tension.

Why seek openness?

Freedom, Release, Relief—whatever word you choose, it feels good. And when we feel better, life is better. And when we feel open, life feels more spacious.

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