Intro: Yoga as a Healing Tool.


I often share feelings, rewards and experiences of healing…but am excited to elaborate on the tools which continue to support me in doing so.

I’ve fallen in love with my home yoga practice. Yoga…technically Yoga Asanas (poses) have become some of the most transformative tools I’ve found.

Its easier experienced than explained but—at a certain point, practicing yoga expands far beyond “just stretching”.

The word “yoga”, after all means “unity”—the united moments when mindfulness and breath sync to movement are truly beautiful.

With continued practice, yoga has allowed me to experience  breezy winds of freedom through opportunities to release, and thus heal perceived “limits” which were actually of my own creation.

What we practice becomes reflected in our daily lives—it has continually dawned on me how much my physical practice has become manifest off the mat— through it I’ve found greater calm, will, discipline and confidence in all arenas of my life.

I see immense value specifically in practicing in home—which I’ll be elaborating on in coming articles.
And thus, this series of posts I am creating—in the hopes of sharing my experience, but also inspiring others to give developing a home practice a try.

The internet is brewing with online yoga options—I’ll only be addressing the platform I was drawn to, and very much love (


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Tips for Beginning Home Yoga Practice.
Comfort in Vulnerability: Yin Yoga at Home


5 responses to “Intro: Yoga as a Healing Tool.

  1. I only have tried yoga once and it was hot yoga and I have really bad knees and it hurt my knees, so I never went back but I have been searching for a while trying to find a yoga program that I can do with bad knees… your blog and recent post are pulling me in and I am now excited to find a way to do it!

    • :) One of my favorite things about the site I use ( is that they are constantly letting you know how to protect your knees and modifications for poses depending on your body… my right knee is not the best it could be, and I totally relate. Also–consider doubling your mat anytime you will be doing a pose with weight on the knee!

      You might consider starting out your yoga return to Yin practice…my next post will be all about yin! Rather than being active and muscular, yin is relaxing…long held stretches that allow the stretch to go deep and reach connective tissue and the joints…it is heavenly!

      Im so glad to hear you’re inspired to look into it again…I’m sure there’s a class or style that can accommodate your sore knees :) Thank you for the comment

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