14 Things I’m Currently Envisionin’

I’ve made vision boards before, gathering inspiring collections of images —but always from someone elses magazine.

Never had I taken the time to ponder and focus on my specific desires and send them straight to a printer; going beyond the general essence of what I want to feel (and thus, come to experience) and getting crystal clear.

Clarity is powerful—a sharpness of knowing that allows directed attention.

My prior boards lifted me up—but not like this one. Aligned with my specified desires, this newest creation has also been bringing to life my will.

The images I’ve chosen are helping to maintain and direct my energy and focus. The result of my personal dreams and wishes, each image carries layers of meaning. I’m stoked to add further images as I get more and more clear.

What would appear to most as a picture of a printer, to me sparks the full experience of the Tattered Cover Bookstore—watching the pages fly through the self-publishing press, feeling the breezy weather in Denver upon exit. The symbol has layers of meaning and great vibes for me—and more power and value!

The more I can associate value with my desires and dreams, the more my will opens to back me in my quest.

I had some resistance to sitting and creating this board. With greater clarity comes more knowing of what we need to do—and the responsibility of doing it. But responsibility is freedom, and freedom feels damn good.

It feels like after just sliding by I’m finally moving in a more focused way towards my own visions; this board is a wonderful daily tool for the process.


What’s on the Board:

  1. Core Desired Feelings— Inspired by Danielle Laporte; how I want to feel (breezy, vital, grounded, adventurous, devoted)
  2. At A Journal Workshop book— representing the journal workshop I know I need to create
  3. Passports— self explanatory!!
  4. Victorian-esque townhomes— House of my current dreams, ’nuff said
  5. Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend— can I get a hell yeah?!
  6. Burning Man— I feel I can now make a contribution to this participatory experience
  7. Cali King Bed — just plain the bomb; satisfies  desire to feel “breezy”
  8. Costa Rica — ready for more waterfalls
  9. Tesla Roadster— YEP
  10. Esther Ekhart — This online yoga changed my life and gave me access to creating a home practice.  Next up, YTT with the woman herself, please
  11. Whirlpool tub —Can’t get enough
  12. Angkor Wat, Cambodia — Google it and you’ll feel the sacredness through your screen.
  13. Super Soul Sunday— The ultimate Oprah opportunity
  14. LIVE YOUR MISSION— a daily reminder





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