The Beauty of Cactus Blossoms.

I moved to the desert—
and upon arrival I saw

extremes, oppressive heat—


But I had failed to notice so much…

The sudden, gushing clouds of water—
those monsoon nights,

relieving the parched lips of summer.

I’d never really considered what it is
to be a thriving cactus blossom—

bursting unexpectedly through the thorns.

I moved, not into decay but to a land of
contrast—not only of death,
but also rebirth.

Of cool desert breezes, breaking free

from stifling, fiery days.

Sunset’s scorching offering

to the cooling balms of night.

And, likewise,
adapting to this land
I am learning now, within myself

how to sit with hell,
and truly taste the rain.



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