Trust the Small Voice

“Follow the Heart”, but—what does it sound like?

Swimming, too, in the myriad of voices—emotions given soapboxes…

Yet there in the depths,one that sits back—
quietly, patiently, presently.

Never fearful—nor intrusive,

trusting, it sits.

That part of me which would make my best choices,
my most soul-full decisions—
that one which would rule best,
is also the one which will not fight for the throne.

Which voice is the heart?

That gentle one—knowing, though it has no proof;

which fear scoffs at, for it will not quiver;
it is daring yet quiet, pooling in trust.

The small voice will not beg you as fear will.

Yet the rewards of bold trust are great.

Feed the small to soften the loud,
Honor the gentle, to amplify the trust.

Choose your leader—

realizing that those who are called to lead,
will rarely proclaim it.


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