In Support of the Unknown.


I love when I discover new music…unheard by my ears, fresh and with no preconceived notion.

Its a small example of a bigger truth …turning up the volume, sitting back and listening for the first time, embarking on the unexpected journey via playlist.

It’s in these unknown moments, big or small, where the good stuff is—the juicy stuff is. The unknown is where the unexpected, the unpredicted…the non-pre-meditated is.

We can think our way, anxiety our way and avoid our way through what we believe to be true—guided by the past experiences that constantly inform us of a false truth to our present life.

Predictable sameness, though the next moment is never truly the same, has our projections all over it.

In expecting, we create our version of something that—despite being new—feels the same. Mundane. There is opportunity cost (diminishing joy) in sameness.

So maybe we can stop glamorizing sameness, consistency—maybe we can lessen our asking for it.

First in small ways—in an unheard playlist that opens your heart wide as it hits a peak you had no idea was coming, in that sudden opportunity from life to say yes to something outside your plans. In allowing the spontaneity of a moment that is not serving you what you ordered.

When we are caught off guard, we have our guard down. And it is only with our guard down that we can be vulnerable.

Side note: I wish the dictionary would update its definition of “vulnerable”; it gets a negative rap. In reality, vulnerable means open to. Open to what? To life! Open to pain, yes….but also, open to bliss.

Only to the degree that we are open to the depths of pain can we experience the complementary peak of joy.

There is irony in avoidance of the unknown, the pain we might find. The moment is no problem; our thoughts about it are.

In a raptured, open moment pain is simply awareness. Presence. A state just as valid and just as transformingly beautiful as joyously ecstatic experiences.

The unknown is constantly seeping in around us, if we will release our heels from the mud and let it take us, life’s magic unfolds more fully.

Say yes, take the plunge, crank the volume, embark on the journey—live with the windows open.


2 responses to “In Support of the Unknown.

  1. I can’t even start in on all of the ways this one spoke to me today. I often marvel at how we’ve projected everything about each new day that arises, and it strikes a chord in me when you talk about how each new moment is *actually* new. It’s something I’ve been struggling to remember, and each time I do, it is so comforting! I truly enjoy all of your posts, please don’t ever stop! :)

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