Feel Your Way Through: Core Desired Feelings.

My CDF: Sometimes Clarity Means Cross Outs

My CDF: Sometimes Clarity Means Cross Outs

For about 6 months I’ve kept close and been guided by what Danielle Laporte (my hero) calls “Core Desired Feelings”—the short of it is:

identify how you want to feel, and move from there; those goals you think you want to fulfill are actually just means of feeling a certain way.

My Current CDF are: Breezy | Radiant | Adventurous | Inspired | Devoted

I can truly say my life feels very in alignment with all of them now—and on top of it, that I am feeling the most fulfilled I ever have.

And that’s powerful.

The compass of how we want to feel can do nothing but lead us towards our success and fulfillment—not the “success” that we’ve been conditioned to seek, but the soul-full kind that only we can know.

In the past I have always felt a bit lost—unsure of the specific “where” I wanted to go; it kept me paralyzed.

Flipping goal setting on its head has given me an immense clarity as I feel my way through the journey towards my potential and self-defined version of success.

I’m recognizing what I value: creative freedom, adventure, playfulness…

and in that clarity creating space for and finding more of it in my life.

If you aren’t familiar with Laporte, her website is a great place to start. Her books—The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map are both fantastic—though I have a personal affinity for the first.



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