The Richness of Simplicity.

I treasure those days
that I remember

how simple life can be—

if I won’t complicate it.

Roasting a sweet potato—
a minimalist feast.

Savoring the sweetness
of each hearty piece.

Slowing down

Not adding magic, but uncovering it

Seeing it, sitting in its midst.

There is richness in everything,
touched when we choose to embrace it—

when we stop wanting,

for just a flash of time
the future, the past—
more, less.

Accepting the wholeness of

Setting down the anxiety,
stepping into worthiness—

worthy to be in this moment,

by no agenda
but my own.

Deserving of the subtle joys,

whose paradox is their power.

Owing no other moment anything,

but offering my totality

to the one that is real.


2 responses to “The Richness of Simplicity.

  1. Blessings to you and the words that flow through you. They always seem to come when they’re needed and they center and ground. You’re helping another Lightworker continue on their path with strength and dedication. Infinite love and gratitude to you.

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