Present Fullness.

“The only Zen you find on the top of a mountain is the Zen you bring there.” – Robert M. Pirziq

It’s not what I am doing,

it’s how fully I am within it——

how present I am with each sense,
freeing me to fluid, intuitive motion.

It’s not the experience—

it’s my capacity for it.

I saw transcendence in a dough bowl—
kneading, pressing, shaping, blending,
lost in the moment to delicious creation.

Every day life is sacred,

every action, each moment;
we are the key,
unlocking our own experience
of its sacredness.

How fully can we enter the moment—
how lost can we become in its immersion?

Placing aside—even for a moment—the distractions,

worries, future, past…

A flash of presence is fullness like no other


In a single moment,
peace, openness—home.

Practiced presence is a process,

finding a second, a minute—
watching as they unfold,
opening to even richer experiences,
of yet another moment,

and the next, and the next…

Enter the flow in the laundry, the cleaning—
adding oil to the car.

Give anything your full attention,

allow it to captivate you

The force flows.

Step into it—

anytime, anywhere—doing anything.

Its not what you’re doing, it’s how fully.
It’s not where you’re going, its how fully.

Come home to this moment;

return often.


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