Student is Ready; Life’s Gifts Appear.

I seem to receive life’s gifts

just as the timing is perfectly ripe,

when I am in the perfect space
to best care for and thrive with them.

At first it seemed mere luck
a thankfulness swept over me,
honoring the good fortune.

Then I understood another side—

that I received when I was ready,

when my preparations had made space
for their complements.

Perhaps manifestation
is but cultivated readiness
meeting object.

And it is my readiness—

that opening to experience, to worthiness,

to boundless limitations
that I can morph, open to and shift.

My readiness lies within my control.

Opportunities land as I am ready—
because I am.

The further I open myself—

shedding the weights of self-judgement,

the more fully my life blossoms.


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