A Million Mirrors.

We need the relationships—

all of them;

the seeming mundane and the strikingly meaningful.

We need the mirrors
that every living thing casts of us;

our own reflection to shine back at us,

from a million directions.

We need screens of every variety
to display our projections;

showcasing our judgements, insecurities and desires.

Then we might shift our perception,
with loving, compassionate awareness.

Removing the smudges of our conditioning;

refining our own feature film—
shaping, crafting, becoming
the leading role in this life.


4 responses to “A Million Mirrors.

  1. Thank you. Your expressions of thought seem to be what I need to remember and embrace as they find me. You are a gift and a blessings.
    I L & G,

    • Strato,

      I’m so glad this resonated with you, and appreciate your kind words so much—speaking of mirrors, if I’m a gift and blessing, it is only your own reflection you see :) Thank you again,


    • David,

      Thank you so much for your compliment—sounds like we’re both on the path learning this incredible lesson…so glad it reflected back to you something super :)


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