Absorbed by the Moment.

Do you ever enter
that precious space
of now,

where sight, smell, mind

all align—
where breath rises and falls—

where all is present

and therefore love,
and therefore blissful,

free of thought,

and thus of judgement,

free of agenda

and thus of motive.

Have you tasted
the timeless treasure
of one moment—
of being fully
, into all of it?

It’s offering is worth endless fleeting seconds,

lost to past and future—
always rushing backwards or forwards;
caught on video—
but in sacrifice—

missing the real show

available in each moment.

Time is perception;

it is not inherently moving fast,
we move it—away from it, towards it
always honoring it’s shifting—

rarely embracing it’s constant

suspension and complete sensory offering

of the ever-unfolding moment.


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