Choosing to Respond.

I feel much lighter
choosing my response,

rather than reacting:

out of habit,
past or
to those moments which long
to push my buttons.

As beings hungry for control,
we might find solace in this.

Taking reigns of our internal;

accepting that external control
does not exist.

Shifting self to shift world.

Deciding I will choose

who will hold that transformative power.

Self or world.

Minimizing the drastic-ness
of that ever swinging pendulum—
drifting us from one pole to the next.

The sway remains, but I don’t become it.

I see it,
but am not carried away by it.

Aware of the motion—
but not defined by it.

I remain closer to how I choose to be.

Cultivate the gap—
between moment and next moment.

Find the space,
in which you discover the choice;

make it differently.


2 responses to “Choosing to Respond.

  1. The other day I was putting on my boots in the morning and I thought, “I choose to wear these boots, and in the same way, I choose exactly how to react to things that cause me pain, anxiety, or fear.” It was something that instantly came to my mind while doing something as routine as putting on a pair of boots. It brought to mind control, like you say, and it made me feel so in charge of my life. Beautiful post, as always!

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