Allowing Life’s Dark.

If we will fully allow life’s less than comfortable to touch us—

ceasing avoiding, numbing…

Halting our disconnecting, our distracting;

reaching away from our center.

And, instead let them be—
softening, allowing space
for them to move through
the body, the mind and the mood.

Neither grasping nor shoving,

dropping our hunger to control.

If we wil have faith—
that it will pass
as it has each time before.

If we will take the chance of trusting—

that in allowing,
we do not become it;
in experiencing,
we are not defined by it

yet, from it—we can be transformed.

In truly felt emotion’s presence

we are moved to integrative action

soaking in the lessons and opportunities
arising from each experience.

Cracking to the core of our truest—and highest being;

rejoining the deepest roots of the self

from which we so often stray.

Grounding in strength;
discovering the rewards of that small—yet mighty courage,

of those silent battles within the self.


2 responses to “Allowing Life’s Dark.

  1. I can’t tell you how badly I needed to read this, and perhaps that is why I’m reading it. The universe listens and responds. The holidays have driven me nuts lately, because it seems gift buying and running all around town are the norm, and have become part of my day-to-day, and it becomes increasingly difficult to slow down. I find myself becoming angry at the anxiety that I feel, and ashamed for not being able to control it. Your words have sincerely helped me remember that I need to allow these emotions some space. They are there for a reason. Great read, I am definitely saving this page! xo

    • Monique, thank you for your response! “The universe listens and responds” gave me chills—a reminder I needed to hear today :)

      The holidays are crazy aren’t they? Even if you’re not shopping it feels like the whole energy is more chaotic!

      I’m so honored to have been a part in your remembering every emotion’s validity <3

      xo, Renée

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