Set Your Space: Discover Bobby Pins + Greater Peace.

sacred space
An hour ago my space looked radically different.

Cluttered, dusty, a bit disheveled. As always, it was a mirror reflection of my own state of mind.

I’m extremely fortunate to call this room my very own; it’s where I come to write, move my body, just sit, cry, relax and create.

Whether you’ve got a closet, a corner, a desk or otherwise—big or fun-sized—setting space for yourself is a real act of self-love.

Tonight I’ll be creating a Desire Map (Quick Synopsis: Live how you want to feel. Danielle LaPorte is amazing.)

Crafting our intentions and lives is sacred, no? Shoot, just living is sacred.

The point is, tonight I’m really trying to delve deep—and whenever I’m ready to get real, it’s twice as nice when my space is set for it.


In general, even when the rest of my house might reach towards questionable cleanliness (really trying to work on this right now) this space of mine stays steps ahead—and this provides great benefits to my own centeredness and peace.

Cleaning this room up doesn’t feel like work; it feels like a sigh of relief. A return to my own center.

Setting Space:

I like to say clutter is the the densest form of psychic disturbance. Even if you think you’re oblivious to it, it’s lurkin’ on your good vibes

Cease Blindness
You know that thing that’s been sitting there which doesn’t belong/might be trash but that you’re so used to seeing it’s stopped consciously bothering you? I open my awareness a bit and get it outta there.

Remove What’s No Longer Vibin’
I often find that I need to move things in and out of the space to keep it feeling good to me—and this is a moving target. Bring in what lifts you up; swap out what’s not resonating at the moment.

Self-explanatory, but I also tend to discover my long lost bobby pins.

Create Comfy
Especially in the cooler season I keep plush blankets and mounds of pillows handy. I feel my most authentic when I can truly relax.

I love to burn sage and candles with the intention of purifying my space. It just feels fresher after.


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