Momentary Transcendence.

Life recently, is picking up speed.

More of a whirlwind

yet I am more frequently touching its center.


Briefly—but fully.

Quality in a blink of quantity.


A momentary expansion,

beyond mind.


Driving—song hits peak,

as sunrise rises over mountain.


Breezy presence, momentary rapture,

no time, no plans, no worries—

only total immersion.


Each second could be hours

in this nowness—

activating every sense to its fullest.


A tiny vacation,

an all encompassing peace

a moment of remembering I am.


I recline fully into camel pose, for the first time.

overhead, a flock of birds—

seconds later, raining feathers

they drift magically all around me.


Life may bustle,

but in these moments of released tension,

of momentary mental collapse

I find an equilibrium,

an instant; time frozen, eyes open—

in which I truly see.



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