Alchemical Editing.

Since beginning to write I’ve constantly gone back and forth on whether or not to modify my writing—and, if so, to what extent to refine my words.

Is it truer to share my raw, unedited content? Is it dishonest to modify and strip away from my original work?

I never wanted to feel inauthentic or as if I was unwilling to share the full spectrum of my experience—the feel-good and the feel-crappy. 

It has been a mental back-and-forth which has tied up an unnecessary amount of my creative energy.

Last night clarity on the issue finally dawned on me in a true Aha! Moment.

In it’s purest sense, refining of any art—written or otherwise—can be destructive or alchemical.

I realized that refining doesn’t have to be untrue—it’s a matter of what you are stripping away, and why.

Is it impurities? Shedding what weighs down the true gold and clear intent hidden in the work?

Or is what is being stripped the gold itself—removed out of fear of judgement, misinterpretation or worry.

Done in an alchemical way, refining our art allows it to be brought into its highest form—which is actually it’s truest.

Oh the irony.

This kind of higher-being refinement happens in a flow, much like the original creation might.

It’s an art in and of itself: chiseling away, carving towards perfection—which is always about subtraction, never addition.

Can we recognize the diamonds in our ruffs and have the courage to carefully refine the ego out of our work, allowing less to be said and in that, more to be felt and experienced?

With each expansion of my creative perspective I find greater freedom and inspiration—and new challenges that stimulate new approaches to creation.

So my editing now becomes a purifying—an alchemy, a transmutation. A simplification. A removal of that which does not uplift the heart of the piece. A clear intent.

And it finally feels RIGHT!




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