Letting Go is a Softening.

Holding on and letting go—two ends of a spectrum.

And as such, one is passive—one is more active.

I once believed that letting go was the harsh thing—

and holding on the quiet response.

But as my world flips, for the umpteenth time, inside out—

I see that the reverse is true.

Holding on is the struggle.

Holding on is a tension.

Holding on is gripping—a closed fist.

Letting go brought to mind a rejection—

pushing away, forceful.

But letting go is not so.

Letting go is a softening.

Letting go is an opening, an unfolding.

Letting go is not equivalent with losing—only freedom.

Shoving away is not letting go; it is avoidance.

What you resist persists—and will always surface again.

To cultivate let go, be with that which you wish would leave you.

Be with what has been,  experience the imprint it all has left.

It can only release from you if it can pass through you.

Soften to it, allow your fist to unfurl and let life touch you.

And one day it comes, naturally—just as the body’s tensed muscles finally release.

Without shoving the sharp points away—their lessons will be fulfilled,

they will walk into the sunset on their own accord.






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