The Heart is a Trusty Compass.

Sitting around a fire recently I had the realization that I’ve (eventually) gotten everything I’ve truly longed for.

Its timing hasn’t usually lined up with my own (immediate gratification, please), my longings have come in packages I never expected them to (often disguised as failure or “irrelevant” opportunity), but sure enough—those things which have served my highest good have come—in the ways and time they’ve needed to.

I’m not talking specifically about material items—I believe my desires until now which focused on material objects were rooted strongly in the mind, rather than the heart.

These “longings’ was more of a mental lusting.

But those qualities I’ve wished to embody, the direction in which i’ve wanted to point my life—these were based in feelings; these were desires of the heart.

Not muddied in “shoulds”, looking good or fitting in, these desires were as pure as they come, and having no anterior motive, there was no resistance to their manifestation into my life if I would choose to pursue them.

These cravings were an essence, a feeling—they arose from the inside.

How to tell the difference between the two?

Feel it out. Literally tune into your body when you focus on the desire—does it feel good, uplifting? Or unsure, anxious, even a bit forced?

Im sure we’re all familiar with doing something just because we felt we had to, convincing ourselves that it was what we wanted to do, ignoring that antsy unease—and then we arrive and…nope.

The mind is a great meaning machine; the heart—a trusty compass.

Move from the heart, feel your way through—you’ll need trust for the journey from head to heart; you’ll need to open to a willingness to see where it takes you. Sometimes you’ll take diversions—the purpose of which you can’t know quite yet.

Have faith in what feels good in your being, not just for a moment—not for a sensory reward, but to step into an essence that you long for in your life.

Act on what brings you closer to the feeling, in small ways, in big ways.

Looking back now, it seems foolproof. Reflecting on my last few years as I recently did, I see it clear as day.

Trust for awhile, give it a chance. Then step back—take a higher perspective. It’s from there you can see the entire landscape below—the patterns, the results, the purpose of the diversions, and what has truly shown up in your life—perhaps in ways most unexpected.



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