Realignment is Never Far.

I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who falls off their wellness wagon from time to time…

But I’ve got good news—it’s always easier to get back up.

At first sight the switch of inertia required to do so seems tedious, but once we choose to take that 1st step back towards our vibrancy each one becomes increasingly easier.

Once we’ve experienced a way of being we may fall out of alignment, but we have a deep memory which, when called upon, comes to life—propelling us forward once we take simple steps back to our better-feeling selves.

And there’s beauty in all that, too. There’s contrast: the spice of life.

Fall down, get back up, fall down, get back up.

I’m seeing a pattern here. I think it’s a result of being human; we’d be wise to learn to love it :)


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