Aligning With the Axes of the Moment.


During a recent floatation session I had an instant in which I saw time from a different perspective, in a flashing image. Not as a line, but as a string of beads, each holding the potential to burst forward each moment.

These beads—circles—are ours to open; we expand into them from two axes—horizontal and vertical.

Vertically, expansion is found in aligning with the eternal now, which is not moving backwards or forward, only infinitely up and down into itself.

Horizontally, it is our being which, choosing how much to open, determines the “wideness” of the moment’s richness. Will we set our guard down, open our arms and allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable—allowing life, whatever it may be bringing, to touch us?

The question becomes, in any given moment: will we complete the circle, or collapse it from it’s fullest expression? Will we enter the present; softening and cracking open our entire being?

It is in the moments of our greatest expansion in these two directions, fused as one, that I believe, we feel most complete; we experience and bask in our innate wholeness.

Undoubtedly we’ve all touched these times of full openness, but perhaps being more aware of their aspects, our touchings may become more frequent and our string of beads more full.


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