5 Mindful Minutes: Aligning with “Now”.

The idea of “alignment” in relation to time differs from “balance”—which could be thought of as the horizontal axis—moving us from one thing to the next. Alignment is, rather, the vertical.

Being a vertical axis, alignment is readily found in the endless now, the ever available and unmoving ambition of the present moment.

When we reel in our being: our breath, our attention—our energy, we are brought more into one line—into greater alignment. From this place calm can come more easily and anxiety has a space to settle.

When life is a swirling chaos, even 5 minutes of conscious alignment can settle our dust a bit. 5 mindful minutes. Breathing. Sensing: hearing, feeling…tuning into the moment we find ourselves in, right now.

More often than not nothing is typically astray in this moment—so much of our stresses and worries are not presently occuring, but are instead projections from our past onto our future—or figments of our mind stuck in the outdated past.

The month ahead may prove to be more sporadic and fluctuating than normal; my greatest technique when life seems like a chaotic swirl will be remembering to spend a few minutes realigning—returning to the posture of presence.

5 MIndful Minutes:

Place your hand on your heart; if it is easier to relax with your eyes closed, shut them—if you find your mind wanders more this way, leave them open or part-way open.

Soften the muscles of your face, and anywhere else you may immediately sense tension in your body,

Feel your sitting bones and your feet on the floor; become aware of the air on your skin.

Breathe. Deeply—through your nose—feel the weight of your hand rising and falling with each cleansing breath.

Let any sounds that surround you join your breath’s steady rhythm.

The mind may wander; it does this—simply remind it of this moment. Return again.

Continue for several minutes, or until you feel complete.


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