Full Moon Ka.


A full moon arrives.
I take place in a simple act:
writing a list of limiting beliefs,
I am ready to release them—
to surrender them to the power of ritual

I affirm my readiness to let them go—
to embrace more full-heartedly
the innate wholeness
that I inevitably am

Dipping corner to candle
the page sets ablaze with such gusto—
such intensity
such intention
that I am entirely captivated

Roaring for an instant
my heart joins pace

Acutely aware—
I’m the front-seat of the roller coaster
caught in the sheer magnificence,
lost in the transformation:
witnessing this element at work.

Watching it burn,
I know my subconscious sees all;
even those disappearing moments,
it remembers

These beliefs were birthed into it,
and will release again
from where they were born.

Speaking fluently its language,
the flaming moment sends a clear message
Beyond imagery, each sense is engaged—
the orange flame glitters
as heat reaches skin,
and smoke infiltrates the air

I feel it burn too in my being,
sensing the depth of this witnessed suggestion

Smiling brightly, deeply—
I touch its remains

They crumble as only ash could,
and tumble in my mind.


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