Worldview: You See What You Look For.

Over and over again we hear it—I’m sure I’ve preached it too: just change your perspective!

Shift how you look at the world, and in turn the world you see will change.

More rarely spoken though, is how to actually start to do so. It can sound overwhelming: “yeah just go ahead and change that paradigm, then things will be cool.”

The most basic way to shift your perspective is to look for something different.

Our perspective is how we see the world—and how we see the world is comprised primarily of what it is we see.

What do we see? What we look for!

Surely most of us know the feeling of buying something (for instance, a car) and then suddenly everyone has one. They don’t, but because we have brought it into our conscious awareness, we now see it everywhere.

This is a legit occurance in your brain, it’s called the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon”. Basically, you become conscious of something and in that awareness it begins to show up all over the place.

Changing our view of the world begins no differently then buying a new car—except it’s a lot less expensive; free, actually.

What do you see when you walk around the world—what are you looking for? What would feel better to see?

It’s out there, all of it is. It always will be.

But we have the free-will to choose what we will buy into and invest our attention (energy) on.

And in our attention and awareness we open ourselves to seeing more and more of what we are looking for…what we focus on, we get more of.

Spend a day looking for something different. Consciously walk outside with the intention of looking for beauty, kindness, compassion, unity..or anything else.

Rinse and repeat.

Do it the next day…and then the next. World view is just a habit, it’s transformed in the ol’ day to day. And, i’ll say it again: it’s not all or nothing.

It all adds up—and although consistency is key in fully making any change, the practice is in the pieces.

Sound too simple? Eh, life is simple (note: not always a synonym for easy).

It’s us that makes it so dang complicated.



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