What if Time was Fireworks?


My expired view of time passing strikes a visual:
a swirling whirlpool, spinning round–
draining away into a shadowy, past abyss

Ahh! What terrifying pressure!
The conditioned way need not be the accepted way—
I’ll carve the way I view my time
And my world will change with my perception

What if time was vivid newness—a constant bursting
Each moment fresh, renewed— an unexpected gift given
A glorious unfolding, a fireworks display

This particular show will one day halt.
But it won’t drain, it will culminate.
It won’t end too soon, it will conclude,
It won’t fall away, it will make it’s grand finale.
Standing in it’s own ovation

Complete again, falling gracefully into awe-filled silence
A performance only captivating because, it too would pass

What if—instead of believing time would slide through my fingers,
I soaked it all in, and enjoyed the show.


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