A Wee Bit of Structure: Finding Steadiness in Change.

Stability grounds us to flow more freely with change.

This revolutionary (for me, anyway) concept showed up in a recent yoga class—the theme was building a stable, sturdy base—really activating the feet and legs, thus allowing a lightness—a freedom in the upper body.

Activating the lower body this way creates a sturdy base for the upper, allowing it to be soft and fluid, able to flow and bend with the wind, like the branches of a tree .

As with all yoga-lessons, this is just as applicable off of the mat.

I am quite free-spirited—which can create challenges when I seek to wrangle in my focus for an extended period of time.

It can be hard for me to tell the difference between inspiration and distraction; I’m always flooded with ideas, but that can get me into trouble when I am striving to put and keep pedal to the metal on something specific.

Take this month, for example. I have committed to developing and researching my Mindful Nourishment project, while also writing for an hour each day. That’s it. These are my two requirements I set for the month.

However, this month is also opening for September, which is showing itself to be a time of lots of change and opportunity for expansion in my life. All sorts of transition is in process. Exciting!

Keeping it real though, also: scary, unnerving and stressful.

But change is the life blood of existence. Life keeps flowin’ and we’ve gotta keep goin’.

It’s the one constant we’ve got here, and well—it’s not much of one.

For some reason, when change shows up my instinct is to shift all my focus onto what is shifting in my own life. Out of nowhere I’ll divert my attention and dedication from what I’ve been focusing on in the quieter moments—just straight up ditch what’s been keeping me grounded.

In hindsight, it’s a totally silly move—but in the moment, it seems like the valid, right thing to do. Like any developed habit or conditioning, I learned this lovely technique at some point, and it stuck.

I’m sure the day will come when the payoff of such learned avoidance (there always is one) will dawn on me. But that’s not the point, and in the meantime I’m stoked to be looking at this not-so-pretty response to life’s change from a higher place.

I witnessed myself attempting to divert and abandon my commitments today—and selected a new option (fulfilling said commitments—which felt awesome!)

That’s healing for you: unraveling our knots, opening again to a space in which we see that we have a choice, an opportunity to choose differently—and then doing so.

This routine, these few commitments that I’ve made this month are sources of stability in my life—supports I can count on in the ever flowing sea of change. I need them! We all need them!

It’s easy to let them fly away in shifting times, but it’s crucial we keep our supports—if life were a building it would begin to lack some real integrity if we ditched the beams.

So make some dang commitments. Start small, there’s no need to show off to yourself.

Choose some bite-size ways, everyday, that you can move towards your dream, add anchors to your life and unfold more fully towards your being. Build confidence in little chunks of daily fulfillment.

Craft some supports and allow them to hold you up as the tides of change crash against you. Because they will.

Ground yourself in your life and your goals daily. Dig roots so that your stability allows for freedom in your branches—so you can remain steady yet bend with the winds of transition.

Create some constants, because life ain’t got em.

How you’ll show up for your commitments will always change, but you can carve dependability out of simply showing up—and, bonus: actually showing up for your commitments (even when you really, really don’t feel like it) will transform you, too.



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