Tidal Waves of Overwhelm are Parted in the Now.

Oh low days—sometimes I get all naive and think they’ll stop happening—then I remember their importance. These lil suckers are here for good!

But! Our means of dealing with them can shift.

These not-so-high times are only made more intense for me by the onset of not-so-little waves of overwhelm that so often accompany a single slip in confidence and self-assuredness.

Suddenly I’m living way too far in the future—worrying, grasping, what-if-ing.

It doesn’t get better in the future tense, it only gets worse.

Because the future isn’t real.

Don’t get me wrong: just because it isn’t real doesnt mean we can’t imagine it; the future’s lack of actuality provides perfectly fertile ground for worry.

And oh, what powerful imaginations we have! As soon as we let future into even the smallest hands of fear or worry it has infinite room to spiral—to grow into our greatest fear right before our eyes.

“Worrying is using your imagination to create what you don’t want.”
– Abraham Hicks

Breathe. Deeply.

Allow your senses to tune into what surrounds you.
Inhale the present moment—the only realness there is.
Reel the mind back to now.

Remember: our tomorrows are built only by our todays; now feeds the next moment.

What matters in this moment? Simplify. Identify the actual priorities.

Take the source of trouble to the core—what can be done now? What, done today, feeds tomorrow.

Step back. Take a higher perspective—things are simpler up there.

Where’s your idea of life’s treasure map lead? What’s the bigger picture? We don’t and can’t know the details of the uncharted trail, where the going will get tough—but we can move in a direction of our choosing at any moment. Taking it as it comes.

Perhaps, above all—find peace in the crazy nature of life. In the fact that, no matter how we plan, how we question, worry and fear—how differently it all ends up. Look at your life—could you have planned this?

Scary? Totally. Exciting? Definitely. How boring it would be to know our own story. Talk about a spoiler alert.

But we have always a say—we can point ourselves in the direction we wish to head, at any time and set sail. Beneath our worries and insecurities and fears there is a calm captain with a simple compass—trust him.

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move, the way joy makes you move.”

Choose now, and move—trust that the way will open.

Remember that endings are also beginnings. Recall that spring rises from the frigid dormancy of winter. Know that lows feed into highs, and highs into lows.

Open your arms to the contrast; the highest mountains have the lowest valleys.

Overwhelm can swallow us, it seems bigger than us. It is, in a way—boundless—it has no restraints, no form in its un-realness.

But moments of now can cut right through. The visual that comes to mind is an epic parting of a raging sea…the past and the future scattering in an instant, leaving in their center the calm of the now.

Tidal wave coming? Breathe. Grab a pen. Simplify—find what’s real, what’s now and what’s in the right direction. Take a step. Trust.

“Don’t worry—that’s just life you feel”.
-Esther Ekhart


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