Ekhart Yoga—Practice at Home for $12/Month.

I have to share with you this incredible at-home yoga resource; it’s provided me a cost and environment in which I have finally commited, for quite some time now, to a home practice—and it feels absolutely wonderful!

It’s called Ekhart Yoga. Headed by teacher Esther Ekhart, the site has almost 1,000 videos and new ones are added several times a week. They do a themed “program” for each month—there have been building strength programs, an at home yoga retreat (awesome) and this month the focus is on pranayama (the yoga of breath, basically).

The biggest draw for me has been the high quality of the videos and more importantly the teachers’ dialogue and wisdom. Each class has a deeper theme that can truly transform the practice, on and off the mat.

There is also—particularly with Esther’s and Sandra’s classes—strong focus on alignment—I honestly learned more about downward dog from Esther than I ever had in a “real” class (keep in mind this is definitely also related to the fact that I am “going” to many, many more classes now that I do yoga at home)

The best part? It is $12…a month!

There are quite a few free videos on the site as well, that’s how I first started exploring what they had to offer.

So much love and gratitude for the commitment to make yoga available to all that this team has made. They’re on my vision board; someday I will take Yoga Teacher Training with Esther.

Of course I love going to yoga classes in person, nothing beats being able to be adjusted by a teacher—and I won’t likely be attempting headstand too soon as the only one in my room. But I love how an at-home practice has made yoga so much more intimate for me. I can afford classes even in the worst months.

Shoot, at home I can do yoga naked (something that is encouraged in some groups, but most yoga classes require clothes), I can do yoga at 3 am, I can jump into a restorative (sleepytime) class when I’m still awake at 2 am and can’t sleep.

Check it out if you’re considering diving into yoga:

Yoga is beautiful and so much more than physical…discover for yourself :)

Ps, if you take the plunge, I also recommend exploring some of Esther’s “Yin” yoga classes, or a “Restorative” class…these are the opposite of typical Hatha and Vinyasa (very active) classes, and focuses instead on deeply relaxing and is very helpful in releasing energetic blocks, stress and anxiety.


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