Following Through on Follow Through.


It has come to my attention that I am quite underdeveloped in the realm of “follow-through”.

Inspiration? I’ve got plenty of it, I’m a bursting cauldron of ideas and fresh fuel, creativity is far from lacking in my crazy life.

But more often than I would like, my ideas remain mere sticky notes, or half-completed projects, neglected and—although well-intentioned—they avoid the grand launch I had so envisioned. How frustrating is that?

This lack of follow through has been consciously lurking around with me for the last few months, though it’s been a more unconscious theme in my life for quite sometime.

Its funny the aspects of ourselves we fail to see until the moment is right and our eyes are opened…

I discovered today that “motivation” and “follow through” are not the same; I dug into some great reading which showed me that while motivation is a part of us, follow-through is a learned habit…that I haven’t spent much time on!

I already have motivation: drive and excitement, the attitude to start—but the real issue at hand is sustaining the motivation with a habit of completion.

Follow through is a habit! Who knew? Or did everyone know, and I just missed the memo?

This sets me free.

There was a time I was better at following through, many moons ago. But If you don’t use it, you lose it…I think I left mine in middle school.

So what is the solution? Well, as with every aspect of everything about ourselves, it starts now (this is a constant sigh of relief for me). It starts in this moment, this day—fresh and new.

Developing the follow-through muscle starts with the little things. It’s doing what I say Ill do, without giving my tricky mind an option, first in the small ways—remembering that all of the little ways add up to the big.

Its finishing the projects I’ve started, completing one whole task at a time, reading the rest of the book, adding the final touches to the painting.

It’s getting up, dressing up and showing up—not only for my commitments to the world, but to myself.

It’s a lot easier to break the promises we make to ourselves, but those are the ones that count the most in our growth. Self-trust is the fuel that we need, to gain momentum and confidence in ourselves to push forward, and to, plain and simple: do our work!

I’m looking forward to this month of choosing to follow through, and I can’t wait to see the possibilities open as my own momentum snowballs as a result of simply completing what I start.

Once we become conscious of a piece of ourselves, we have already triggered the alchemy of transforming it. I see you lack-of-follow-through, and now I will move beyond you with the power of my choices, my freedom.

In a way, everything I have not followed through on has never really been attempted. Its all still simmering full of potential, and I can choose to transform it into action—I can make it kinetic.


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