Living How We Want to Feel.



If you follow me on instagram you have surely gathered that I think Danielle Laporte is amazing. I’m reading her book “The Fire Starter Sessions”, which I highly reccomend. Its core theme seeks to “ignite you into action” and “create success on your own terms”.

A major component of her way of living/succeeding is to identify how you want to feel, rather than what you want to accomplish—the premise being that we really crave a feeling not an actual thing…in other words, if we want, say, a big boat we are less craving the boat, and actually are after how we beleive we will feel once we have it.

So she suggests we turn this around, and idenitify first, how we want to feel and then do things to make ourselves feel this way on a daily basis. Genius!

I’ve got my sticky note of the feelings i’m after this lifetime–or at least for this period of my life, and It has been so beautifull helpful so far. When you begin to correlate how you want to feel with what will make you feel that way, it becomes easier to do those things.

My handy sticky note o’ feelings has also helped me to identify when I’m feeling “out of whack” what desired feeling it is that is essentailly lacking. I’ve also, per her suggestion, made a quick list of what give me these feelings.

Is it my sense of connection that’s lacking? (time to meditate or journal) Do I need to do something to make me feel strong? (where’s my yoga mat?)Am I lacking in inspiration? (time to open the “soul food” folder on my computer). Do I feel less than radiant? (time for a green smoothie and self-pampering).

This is an exceptionally handy tool when you are in a funk, because I dont know about you, but it can be overwhelming and difficult to find what can make you feel “good” (what a fuzzy, subjective thing to stove for) once more, on a whim when you’re down in the dumps.

This way of living makes so much sense to me, and I’m excited to continue to use and grow with it—to make it my own and let it seep into all areas of my life.

Today, for instance I looked at my desk—which I havent sat at in awhile and realized that it did not make me feel any of the feelings I have an aim for.

An hour later, I’ve added some of my favorite special things, moved my vision board as the new centerpiece, decluttered and added some organization—BAM! Now I’m eager to sit down and write and discover, that’s where I’m siting now, and it feels wonderful. The rest of my house better watch out…its up for review.

How do you want to feel? How do you want your space to feel? Your wardrobe? Your car (mine currently feels “cluttered and disorganized”…eep). Choose how you want to feel, and as often as possible— evoke those feelings! Through your lunch, your attitude, your habits, your desk—any way you can dream of.

We so often seek for the feelings we desire somewhere in the future, after some accomplishment or milestone. Why not make the ride to our dreams feel just as good?


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