We are Enough.


Life is like…a giant series of movies, a constant film reel that we tend to get attached to and overly involved in.

We forget we are sitting in this great cosmic theater, here to learn lessons and grow from what we live in these grand cinemas.

We get caught up, and mistake the drama, the ups and downs for the truth—we take them as defining who we are—

though at our core, we are and will always be something much more…radiant and consistent.

We are standing on a bridge watching ourselves go by (thanks, Ram Dass)

Detachment is the act of taking a step back, of removing ourselves from the in-our-face blunt drama of it all, so that we can take a step back and see from a higher place, witnessing the opportunities, taking the chances and growing in the trembling moments.

The ability to detach goes hand in hand with connecting with the feeling that we are enough. A feeling that carries with it so much soothing comfort.

Not enough in the sense of being able to do, gain or accomplish something, but enough…complete, born whole…

enough so much that in just our being we are already our greatest accomplishment.

There are times I feel as though I am running around so hard trying to do something…as if to prove my worth, to earn my wholeness—putting so much pressure on myself. This pressure, disconnects me from “enough-ness”, paralyzes me and prevents me from moving forward.

It was just the other night that I was powerfully struck, for the first time, with this innate enough-ness. It was an all encompassing warmth.

In feeling and opening to the belief that we are enough we have nothing to lose; we can see that there is nothing that should hold us back.

I believe that only when we begin to see that we are enough, can we take a step back and detach from the fearful drama that seems so real and true.

Fear can only carry as much weight as we believe it can take away from us.

To burst forth in growth, and to embrace a willingness to be brave and look like a fool to stay true to our unique self is to affirm that we are already enough.

To see the great experiences that await our soul, the lessons longing to show themselves—if only we will seek them, rather than seek refuge from the uncomfortable way they can at times rub against us—is to affirm that we are whole.

Its paradoxical (which, it seems just about everything is):

in identifying with our innate wholeness , we have nothing to gain—and in that—nothing to lose.

Instead, we have just opportunity, just chance after chance to rise into our greatness, to step into our unique offering to the world.

It can sound…meaningless, to say we have nothing to gain or lose.

But its far from that. We have nothing to gain or lose of the physical, and it is this that sets us free—

free to be present for the adventure of life, free to gain true riches: growth and expansion in our view of ourselves, our purpose, our fellow humans, love—and what it means to be alive.

We are enough.


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