4 Potential Energy Drainers


In intense, stressful and overwhelming times it is more crucial than ever that we look for energy leaks: those things, people, thoughts and entertainments that we, perhaps without realizing it, allow to drain us of our power and energy.

Below, are brief reflections on 4 potentially draining areas that have come to mind recently.


The entertainment we choose, and the people we surround ourselves with can deplete us or uplift us.

Celebrity and entertainment could essentially be thought of as today’s mythos and archetypes. Those people and lifestyles we focus more of our awareness and energy on become the aspects we align with and grow more of in ourselves.

Are we aligning with drama? Or are we aligning with what we’ld like to embody more of?

Regarding the company we keep—are we surrounding ourselves with people who align with qualities we want to see more of in ourselves? Or are there relationships which drain us, that seem to pull us down and encourage us to dim ourselves and shine less bright?

Social Media:

Social media is a huge part of our modern lives, but it can also be a very draining force.

I think we are all aware of the effect of “Facebook Amnesia”…you know, where you get on your computer and 10 minutes of browsing Facebook later you can’t remember why you got on the dang thing in the first place.

Scrolling through newsfeeds is a ton of information…whether or not we are conscious of it, the subconscious is picking up on each bit—this scatters our power and puts our brain into an overwhelming state of non-focus.

It’s the polar opposite of quieting the mind.

Not to mention that, when we immerse ourselves in a database of the things that people want us to see, it can be tolling to our own self-image; we forget that an internet presence is not an accurate picture of a whole person; who experiences both poles.

Who is, like us, on a journey that is full of both light and dark.

Comparing ourselves to others can make any intense time much moreso, and does nothing to recharge our batteries. We need all the self-love we can get when life is stressful.

I’m now trying to consciously limit my social media time, and find that balance of usage. It is crazy how much—what’s the word—cleaner that I feel doing this.Its so easy for social media to become a bad habit, something we are checking mindlessly at every turn. It becomes a distraction.

Choosing to notice the intention behind logging onto social media (is it mindless, or driven by a purpose?) shows us the degree to which it has become an unconscious habit.

Our Self-Talk:

We are what we tell ourselves we are. We believe what we affirm.

Self-talk is constantly going on in our heads (at least I hope its not just mine-ahh!) and we get so used to it that it tends to pass us by without notice. But, what we say to ourselves is powerful.

With each “I suck” and each “I’m too tired” and each “I can’t” we hold ourselves back. If we continually communicate with ourselves that we are unable, unworthy or limited that becomes our truth.

It is exhausting to bully ourselves, even if it seems subtle. 

Recently, i’ve chosen to start noticing when I say something negative towards myself, and take the moment to consciously make a different affirmation. For instance, if I hear “you can’t do it”, I take a deep breath and take a moment to remind myself that ” I am limitless and can do anything.”

Does it seem silly? Perhaps to our conscious selves, but the beliefs about ourselves that respond to our self-talk are sly, and head to our subconscious, a fascinating, highly impressionable aspect of ourselves that will forever be about 9 years old.

The Food We Eat:

A third big drainer that sneaks into our lives is the food we eat, how we nourish ourselves.

We all know “you are what you eat”. This is literally true, your food becomes your cells. This statement is not only true physically but also energetically.

We cannot and will not get out more than we put in. So, if we fill our tummies with deep-fried, high-sugar, heavy food—this is the same lethargic, quick-peak and crash energy we will experience.

On the contrary, a meal that is nourishing and nutritious uplifts us and fuels us.

How does the food you give your body make you feel after you finish eating it?

If we couple draining foods with mindlessly consuming them to the point of being “stuffed”, we simply demand more energetic resources from our body, and we are left wiped out, tired and running on empty.

Energetic drainers come in all shapes and sizes, and they differ for each individual—but the first step in releasing any of them is to bring awareness to what it is that drains us–to start noticing how we feel after we are exposed to the elements in our lives.

This bringing of awareness opens the process of stepping back from them, and is a step in the direction of reclaiming the energies we give away.

This may seem like a big task, but remember that it is only drop by drop a jug is filled.

Transformation is always just this moment; any moment we choose to be aware and respond to life in a different way, and focus our energy where we truly want it, we move ourselves towards the reality we want to experience.

We have enough energy—if we are willing to look for what it is that we allow to drain us and begin to point that energy towards our goals and purpose.




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