Build a Stone Pod: Center Yourself & Get a Free Foot Massage.


This month I’ve been putting a lot of attention on grounding myself.

That is: getting in touch with my physical self and really feeling like I have “2 feet on the ground” and am centered before I leave the house.

We all know how it feels to be “ungrounded”, whether or not we call it that: clumsy, spaced-out, in a daze, struggling to communicate with our fellow man…feeling insecure and just not quite right.

There are lots of ways to “get into the body” and center yourself ; among them spending time with your feet (or your whole body!) in touch with Mother Earth, Imagining roots flowing from your feet deep into the earth and being rejuvenated by it.

Our feet are important in this grounding process, not only are they literally how we ground to earth, they are the main conductors between our energy field and the earth’s;

touching the soil with our barefeet allows free radicals and other bad vibes to transmute, and allows us to pull up some of that good ol’ healing planet vibe with our tootsies.

We’re on this planet for a reason, Earth helps us out.

It’s a 2-for-1 special; by connecting our feet with the earth, we feel connected. AKA grounded.

Are you sold on the feet yet?

Tuning into the feet with our awareness also brings our perspective (aka energy) down and helps us to feel this stable, grounding sense.

Where awareness goes, energy flows. 

All nerve endings in your body, end in your feet. Perhaps you’ve heard of “Reflexology”—which stimulates various points on the hands and feet to heal, as they entire body is reflected in both. (This is quite a brief overview of something amazing—check it out!)

Hence, stimulating the feet is actually beneficial for the whole body as it effects not just the feet, but all the body parts reflected in them, as well. And massaging the feet allows for increased sensitivity and energy flow in them. Not to mention , it feels good.

This all being said; I recently read about “Stone Stepping”, which has its roots in Chinese Medicine. It was recommended to walk on pebbles or stones for 30 minutes…stimulating the feet, grounding self, all while getting a healthy, therapeutic foot massage.

So, I built one in my yard, using smooth river rocks—which I found in our front landscaping.

And it is awesome.  I love it and highly recommend it to anyone.


Heres how I’ve enjoyed using it so far:

1. I stand on the rocks, close my eyes and try to find the balance between both my feet.

2. Now balanced, I shift my weight to the fronts of the feet, the back of the feet, and recenter.

3. If I’m feeling daring, I let the weight sit in one foot, and lift the other leg. Then switch.

4. I slowly turn around, placing one foot down at a time.

This exercise is extra beneficial if you really put your attention with each foot as it sets down. I’m stoked to hop on it in the mornings, before work.

We spend all night flying around the ethers in our dreams; morning is a great time to center ourselves.

Free-styling on your stone pod is highly encouraged.

Feel the heaviness of gravity as you press into the rocks, and tune into what the various shapes and sizes of stones feel like on your feet.




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