6 Steps To Next-Level Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

Enter black bean and quinoa burger: with as much or more protein then beef, lots of good fiber, iron and healthy fats, it will fill you up without weighing you down.

These only take 20 minutes to make a batch that lasts for 4 meals, and they’re simple to take to work/school/wherever—just throw one on the george foreman (or your portable grilling device of choice) for ~ 4 minutes while you breathe deeply, or go for a walk down the hall or something.

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Build a Stone Pod: Center Yourself & Get a Free Foot Massage.

This month I’ve been putting a lot of attention on grounding myself.

That is: getting in touch with my physical self and really feeling like I have “2 feet on the ground” and am centered before I leave the house.

We all know how it feels to be “ungrounded”, whether or not we call it that: clumsy, spaced-out, in a daze, struggling to communicate with our fellow man…feeling insecure and just not quite right.

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