Windows to the Soul: Eye to Eye with Fabio

Today I had the opportunity to meet and greet the one and only Fabio.  As much as I was at first only in it to meet him since he was, well, him, it actually ended up being an experience that inspired me to write.

I think we have all had experiences in which, in passing by someone, or in any other ‘random’ moment, our eyes truly meet and there is a deeper feeling of acknowledgment with a person; kind of like “namaste” (I honor the light within you) in action.

Ive always loved moments like this, I feel them in my whole being; they have a profound feeling to them. It is like truly being seen, and acknowledging another.

When does this happen?

 It is always in the present moment, it occurs when both parties let their guard down—

there is nothing clouding their mind, no thoughts, judgements, they are truly in the moment— neither hiding themselves, living in the past or future, or projecting onto another.

When two humans meet in this way, even in a brief instant—it is felt, it is such a contrast to the normal hustle bustle. It has a sacred, honoring feel to it.

And today, as I walked up to take a quick photo with the man, who had been taking photos for hours, I was startled to encounter someone who I felt truly acknowledged by.

He was neither rushed nor preoccupied, he was present and open; he was willing to truly meet. It was not only me he showed up this way for, it was everyone—his state of being through each person who rushed up to greet him seemed to be one of this constant sacred, vulnerable meeting.

I was humbled by it—I became starkly aware of all the times when I am not open, when I don’t have my guard down, when there is something foggy between me and the windows to my soul—whether that be thought, worry, or simply…a wall, an invisible, yet protective feeling barrier.

There was an exercise that I used to love, but haven’t done in quite some time:

Each person who passes by, consciously let the guard down, and as your eyes meet, nod—honoring the other soul you are encountering. Perhaps “namaste” arises in your heart.

Many of those you pass will not look up, many will go out of there way to avoid looking at you.

It is vulnerable to share a moment of the soul, it is rare and can feel threatening.

But there are those who will choose to return your gaze, there are those who may for the first time experience the power of meeting in this rare and profound presence. And it will be beautiful.

This life’s most sacred moments are found in the vulnerable state of now; we can cultivate a moment of this depth by being open to this honoring in each person we meet, pass or encounter.

I like to think that as we have the courage to be vulnerable and truly look at and honor our fellow humans—even if our attempts seem to fail—that our courage is contagious, our openess a subtle invitation to all to share their soul, to be brave and choose to drop the walls we work so hard to keep around ourselves.

When we truly see another, there is nothing but beauty. 




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