Starting the Day Fresh.

Warning: this post keeps it real.

What better way to start the day than feeling brand new, clear and ready to take on what lies ahead?

Here are 2 morning routines that I love, which help you do just that.

First, tongue scraping.

This sounds gross, and admittedly the official “scraper” (maybe we can call it a “cleaner”) below looks slightly terrifying—but in reality it is gentle and lovely and not to be feared.


Why? Ayurvedic philosophy (an ancient—Im talking thousands of years—art of wellness) alerts us to the fact that overnight we accumulate toxins on the surface of our tongue; when we wake up and swig water, eat or even just brush our teeth, those toxins get swallowed, and our poor body has to deal with them all over again.

That morning breath you wakeup with? You may be surprised to find how much of it is really just your tongue!

So, before I do anything, I walk into my bathroom and give my tongue a nice cleaning—careful, it is habit forming.The tongue-cleaner isn’t expensive either, here is the one I use. 

Then, clean tongue in hand—err mouth—its time for:

a glass of warm water with lemon.

Another Ayurvedic practice, drinking warm water with lemon:

  • Starts the digestive fire (your metabolism)
  • Gets you off to an alkaline start (helping to balance the ph of your body)
  • Helps you drink a glass of water
  • Keeps you regular by stimulating the digestive tract
  • Peps you up

Among so much more


From what I’ve read it is best to get your water to a temperature that is warm—but not so hot that you cannot drink it smoothly. Little sips aren’t quite as effective. If you are hand-squeezing your lemon, rolling it firmly on the counter first will help to loosen it up!

Be sure to use a straw; the lemon will mess with your enamel, otherwise

Your body is smart, and after some consistent practice, will understand that wake-up time is bowel clearing time (woohoo!).

Enjoying your lemon water is a great time for planning the day ahead, reading an inspiring passage (my favorite) to set the tone for the day or for just being still, and enjoying a few moments for yourself.


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