Unresolved Projects: Little Victories Clear Space for the Big Ones.


Resolving those tasks which attach us to the past returns energy and allows us to move powerfully forward.

My focus this month has included cleansing ties of the past—releasing myself of the bonds of “unresolved projects”, a term I first heard coined by the lovely Ms. Debbie Ford.

Unresolved projects include tasks, to-dos, abandoned commitments and other “goals” that have sat on our list, or nestled into the crevices of our (already pretty full) brain—they linger and haunt us, even if we don’t realize it.

They may not remain conscious, but the subconscious knows all: it knows about that pile for goodwill stashed in the garage, that project you keep putting off (or never finished), it remembers that call you’ve been meaning to make for ions.

These sticky bits hold us back from creating and moving powerfully forward in now. 

They leech our energy, draining us bit-by-bit—the more there are the more of our life-force they steal, without us even knowing.

Putting the lens of clearing and cleansing over this month (seriously this whole theme thing is really working out for me) has looked like a myriad of things: trips to the thrift store, long overdue phone calls, cleaning, clearing the air of past relations—and there are still a few on my list—among them a couple more phone calls and painting a bunny sculpture.

Perhaps my biggest unresolved project of the past year has been a class which I have had the flexibility in my schedule to avoid…until now. It has intimidated me; it’s always been easier to move it back, to put it on the back burner and save it for later.

I know why: it’s vulnerable and it’s guaranteed to be transformative; as much as I love the premise, the ego is good at convincing us that its just not the right time for change—or maybe it wasn’t—until now. 

But I am fully in it now and it feels beyond empowering. It is a rush of accomplishment, just to have shown up—finally! A boost of confidence in myself, and a huge sigh of relief hit me as I left class this evening.

I’ve stopped running, I’m turning around to face and embrace all this opportunity has to offer, and it feels powerful.

By starting small, by making a conscious effort to resolve projects and ties on a day to day basis, we build steam and confidence in ourselves, we gain inertia, if you will. With each resolution this month, i’ve shown myself how good it feels, how worth it is to finally just do it. 

Little victories clear space for the big ones.

And heres the best part, which you may not believe until you knock off some unresolved projects of your own:

It is so much worse in your head. The made-up stories we build around what we need to do (how much it will suck, how awkward it could be, etc) are so dramatic and epic, and they only get scarier as time goes by—but when we choose to dive in and just do what we need to do, we come out the other side wondering why the heck we didn’t do them earlier.

Combined with the feeling of accomplishment which proceeds…there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by “tying up loose ends”.

What unresolved projects do you have? What sticky bits of the past hold you from creating powerfully in the present? 

I’ve made a list, from which Im pulling a task at a time—1 at a time as not to be overwhelmed and let myself down—with each crossed off task, a burden lifts and I gain more momentum. That’s how it starts: simply deciding to become aware of what holds you back and clings to you. Only once you notice them are you are free to complete, transform and eliminate them.

Love yourself enough to become aware of and begin to free yourself of the bonds of the past, you deserve it. Piece by piece reel back in the valuable energy that has lingered in the past, gain inertia and allow it to continue moving you forward.



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