Physical Shifts to Our Subtle Selves.

Recently, I drew this card from my sacred geometry deck—


In the description of it’s intention, there was a phrase that stuck with me like glue:

“Change something in your garden and something will change in your life”.

This week i’ve found myself mulling over finding more equilibrium in my subtle energies (feelings, mood, thoughts) through their connection with the more gross—the physical.

I’ve come to a few realizations about this connection which have impacted my week. I have enjoyed becoming aware of this connection in some fresh ways and making some alterations as needed (with lovely success!)

As above, so below

As within, so without

Recognizing the relationship between the physical and the subtle can be a huge gift; just as subtleties like thought and feeling transform our physical experience, we can choose to alter our subtle world through manipulation of the physical.

Knowing that we can adjust how we feel and how our own energy flows gives us the power to use the physical as a catalyst; transforming ourselves, our environment, our food, and in turn our subtleties—among them our feelings, awareness and balance.

Don’t let “subtle” fool you, just another paradox of the universe: subtle is powerful.

I feel like this is an obvious concept—that the 2 transform each other-like it is something I have known, yet have not integrated, understood and experienced in a way that it prompts a greater, more complete response from me, like it is now.

This is a post of observations on shifts of our subtleties—such as creativity, relaxation, ease and centeredness—resulting from altering something physical.

The lighting of our space

I think we can all attest to the “mood” (AKA energy) of a room being easily influenced by a change in lighting; as the lights are adjusted and harshness dulled the subtle feel of the room transforms with it, transforming the experience of those in the room.

(Someone took the time to discover that fluorescent really does make for less productivity.)

Dimmers and  candles coat us in relaxation and soften our being; natural light basks us in a sunny, clear warmth. On the contrary, harsh overhead lighting can stab down at us with a cool, hard feel.

Choosing the lighting of a room, we choose the how to express the energy of the space between the walls.

Softening my space softens me.

The food we eat

It only takes 2 meals to demonstrate this impact: 1 meal of raw wholesome veggies, seeds & 1 processed, fried, empty meal.

It can be easy to  choose instant gratification when it comes to food; pizza is full of all the things our brain tweaks out for. Its amazing while we’re consuming it. But, if we tune-in to how we feel after eating, it’s easy to see: the food we eat is exactly the quality of energy we will experience.

At meals, especially lunch, nothing feels better than eating a meal that lifts you up rather than weighs you down and makes you sleepy and sluggish.

Regarding eating meat: what energy does the animal carry with it? (This had slipped out of my awareness recently.)

I heard this amazing thought: “At what point does food stop becoming food, and start becoming you?

The energy I consume is the energy I experience. 


This is a biggie.

I think of the breath as the tide of the ocean of our life.

It can be calm, steady and deep—or shallow, constricted, sporadic. We can experience relaxation or stress and panic through the breath. Not only that, breath is also how we take in life-energy (qi, prana) and nourish our subtle and physical bodies with it. How we breathe enhances or constricts this flow.

There are a myriad of breathing techniques; the unique impacts they can each have on us is interesting, yet I’ve not even scratched the surface of the world of breath.

The topic of breathing deserves to receive its own blog (so it shall!)

The waves of my breath are the tide of my life.

Moving the body

Getting the body moving, the blood pumping and being active alters our state of being; for me this applies to my movement of choice, yogic asanas–so much more than a physical activity, this is the most beautiful example that comes to mind when I think on bridging the physical and the subtle.

As I continue on my journey into asanas, I discover more and more sensitivity rising of myself, my mood, the space I fill…

Moving my body moves my energies. 

Clearing our environment

Is your space and environment in direct relationship to the state of mind you’re in? It is mine.

The messiest times are the messiest in my own head. Little gets done in a cluttered room and creativity is out of the question in a mess. My private, sacred space immediately feels a shift if it becomes disheveled; I notice it instantly and cannot focus until it’s fixed.

Knowing this connection exists has been enough to make me stop, look around my room and realize I need to center and take time to reflect on what’s going on inside—

a very useful tool to have, as often the times I am farthest from my center I am also in the most denial of it!

In general, removing clutter, allowing natural light and balancing brights and mutes are a few ways to begin to clear the energy of your home—this article does a lovely job of covering it.

Clearing my environment clears myself. 

Our posture

I was reading a book on the art of qi-gong recently, and have since been practicing standing in such a way that qi—the energy flowing through every living thing—can flow in a more balanced way.

Arts such as this, or tai-chi are ancient, beautiful examples of adjusting our energy through our physical form.

Knowing even this simple stance, I made a connection this week with how I had been feeling at times at work; I was feeling “off”, generally feeling low and out of balance, at times spacey and ungrounded during my shifts—in which I stand the entire time. When I decided to become aware of how  I was standing while working it blew my mind: I barely ever had 2 feet on the floor!

There were times I stood like a flamingo, times I did things on 1 leg(?). My focus this week at work has been to focus on standing as I was shown in my book on Qi-gong: feet flat, balanced across, weight evenly distributed—I haven’t felt “off” even once, I’ve felt more present, awake and myself, all day.

So I’m adjusting my stance, straightening my posture. I’m standing up tall, balancing from the body’s center of gravity (several inches below the naval, know as the “hara” point)—rather than hanging from the shoulders; feeling the length in the back of the neck, and my feet on the ground.

Centering my body is a simple way to center myself. 

Endless things are connected in this way—everything is—and I can only expect to continue to see more and more connections; here’s to having the will to use the awareness, to allow it to spark growth.



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