Tigger, the Bouncing Mind: Clearing Space & Unexpected Peace


I just had a beautiful, fresh experience of unplanned meditation, after a day of focusing on the idea of clearing—specifically, clearing space.

It was really pretty exciting for me…well not in the moment, but in hindsight it was grand.

Following my yoga practice tonight, we were in the final pose (Savashana), the end-rest, the time to fully relax, to let go of your worries and body and thoughts, releasing them into the mat, giving it all up for a period of quiet. Per-usual my brain was bouncing all around as I tried to let go and surrender.

But then, in that moment, with eyes closed, I had the sensation that my mind was literally bouncing all over the place—hopping from thought to thought trying to get my attention and distract me.

No joke, I imagined that my mind-chatter was Tigger: the overeager tiger in Pooh Bear. Here he was bouncing and prancing all over like crazy.

Upon choosing that metaphor, the idea occurred—though it wasn’t much of a thought, more of just a bubbling up of a symbol—that, well duh, I should just shut Tigger into another room.

Accepting that I could do this, I imagined a door shutting between he and I. I would like to tell you some sort of process behind that, but I just had the “idea”, and immediately imagined it happening.

And the most beautiful thing occurred once I did—I was able to lay in uninterrupted, total silence for 5 whole minutes. Mind-chatter free—silence. There were a few times where a thought slid tried to slide under the door, but staying calmly focused on the space between myself and Tigger in the room, I was able to let it pass by…my eyes had been shut, and I chose to open them.

I sat up and tested the waters—glancing around the world continued to seem still, silent—no emotion was present in me, no ideas, desires…it was eerie yet so very lovely. For just a few moments, transcending mind—the home of thought, judgement and emotion.

It felt as though I had discovered a few moments of inner silence, of true meditation. 

Perhaps this metaphor can be of some use for you, in creating some space in your own mind. Even if you struggle to imagine images or colors, tuning into the means from which you learn best can be helpful—for instance: how does what you want to imagine feel? smell? sound? There are multiple ways to imagine, and we differ in our strong-suits, so-to-speak. I’m more kinesthetic—I feel.

Imagination is not just about sight, it is accessed through all senses!

Becoming aware of the style of imagining that comes most naturally to us, we can tailor “visualizations” to our specific styles.

When I return to try to create space using this symbology again, I will see how it goes leaving my eyes closed. As they say:

close both eyes to see…

Do you have any meditation tips, techniques, helpful metaphors or any of the likes? Please share in a comment!



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